While traveling in Japan this summer, my daughters and I were approached by some junior high girls who were learning about other cultures and hoping to practice their English skills.  Below is what we were handed by these students.  I just loved this. Yes, people from all over the world CAN be friends. The girls and I were asked to write a message about our idea of peace, love and friendship. 

Here is what we said: "If people lead a life of compassion and acceptance and keep an open mind when learning about people and cultures other than their own, nothing will stand in the way of peace and understanding. We have so much to learn from one another. There is no one “right” way of doing things, there is only the way of accepting our differences and similarities, and taking the time to learn “the why”. When we take the time to understand … to become culturally literate … we find that more often than not, we are far more alike than different.