Hello and thanks for visiting and taking time to read my very first blog post! I am so excited to be starting this journey and hope that you will join me. Colorfully Cultured™ began as a passion project between myself and my oldest daughter as we talked about travel and life and the uniqueness of cultures outside of our own. Beginning at an early age I have always had an interest in learning about people and places beyond my own borders.  The majority of my life has been shaped by the places I have lived and travelled and the people I have met along the way. I have lived in Africa and Latin America, and travelled throughout Europe and Asia beginning at a young age.  Additionally, for nearly two decades, I had a career in international marketing that required a focus on the unique dynamics of growing business in markets where culture, language, demographics and local/global economics played a leading role in decision making.

Now, as a mother of two young girls, being raised in a time where global understanding and tolerance is more critical than ever, I wanted to find a way to fast forward that cultural learning as they begin to shape their own values and perspectives on the world. This is project Colorfully Cultured™ where girls, who may not get the opportunity to travel or live outside of their countries, can still gain knowledge and inspiration from abroad.