It has been two weeks since I had the pleasure of moderating the inaugural #momwarrior™ event on Friday, May 12th. This is an event that celebrates the warrior mom – the “working mom", the “stay-at home mom", and the mom that doesn’t fit into (or doesn’t like!) either of those labels. It was an event that celebrated our diversity, our passion projects, and the challenges and celebrations of motherhood and our career choices.

The mastermind for this event was my friend Tet Salva, founder of Bentogirl and momwarrior™.  Ironically but not surprisingly, Tet and I met at a children’s birthday party approximately four years ago.  We hit it off immediately talking big visions, bold dreams, and walked away from that party with a business partnership practically sealed.

Over the course of those following months, we met weekly talking about our plan to merge our career skillsets into a united force, building a specialized agency, the first of its kind.

However, as we talked about Tet’s skills at organizational transformation and change management and my skills in international marketing and cultural strategy, our conversations kept coming back to the topic of being a mom and raising kids and following our passions, and HOW DO WE DO THIS! How do we choose career over children and why should we have to? Why isn’t our society set up better for mothers who also want career fulfillment?

Tet and I chose different paths after motherhood. I chose to leave my career and “stay-at-home” knowing that I could not sustain a life of international work travel while raising babies and knowing that I had a husband who also travelled extensively for his career.  Tet, on the other hand, chose to carry on with her career and be a “working mom” while raising her children, hoping that she could find a balance in career and parenting with her husband who also had a full-time career. And yes, we know that we are lucky ones to even have had a choice (while not without consequences) as many mothers often don’t.

But, what we found fascinating and interesting (despite our radically different career choices) was that we were both unified in knowing that all moms (of all kinds) are indeed warriors.

So, without having an answer on “how can we do it all”, we tabled our “corporate” business idea. As soon as we did that, things began to percolate. Somehow we were already each on our way. We honed in on our individual passions.

For Tet this is Bentogirl and momwarrior™. For me, this is Colorfully Cultured™, a passion project that has been an interest of mine since as early as I can remember. All it took was getting started. 

While now we each have our own organizations that we are building, we continue to meet and support each other in all that we do. This is what friends do ... and especially what women friends should always do.   Support and lift each other up.

So, for all the momwarriors out there. Just do it. Take Action. Follow your heart and the pieces will begin to fall into place.

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