Be a girl.

For she is fierce and strong.

This is her beauty.


She may feel broken at times, but she is resilient for she believes in herself.

She may get knocked down, but she learns and rises stronger and fiercer than she was before.

Oh, and don’t cross her. She will fight if she needs to, but she will also fight in support of you.

You cannot break her because even if the wind is strong, she will let it carry her to a better place.


Be a girl.

For she is kind and intelligent.

This is her beauty.


She follows her heart, but at times she can't hold herself back because her path beckons and her passions are stronger than her fears.

Sometimes she gets lost in adventure, but always knows where to find home.

Sometimes she cries, but with each teardrop she grows wiser.


Be a girl.

For she is important.  We need her.

She will make a difference.


Be a girl.

She is in all of us.

She is beautiful. 


-Written by Kristi Rible Scobie